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Why Outreach?

There is work to be done. Souls are on the line. Share the love.


The outreach programs launched in 2018 were started because something was missing for Kaitlyn before her trauma in 2017. Then, during her trauma, God fanned the flame and placed a clear path in front of her to begin. Kaitlyn wrote a Christian Lullaby and shared that she would like other moms to hear it in the NICU and PICU.


Kaitlyn understood how music therapist helped patients, but what about the parents of the patients? What about those who go through crisis and trauma in Iowa City, Iowa hospitals, where Kaitlyn found herself since November 2017 with her son? What about those who aren't able to praise in church? What about those who turn away from God in affliction and trauma instead of grow closer? What about those who feel the culture of a hospital and who yearn for comfort and normalcy? 


This is not only outreach to heal the soul, but to connect with others who have similar stories and who want to join the two programs, Songwriters in the Round and Music Missions. Learn more about the programs on the website!

"Sing a New Song unto the Lord"

Psalm 96:1

Songwriters in the Round

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This session provides a casual space for Faith-based fellowship. Enjoy authentic sounds and soulful music gathered around the Christian body. Set aside time for praise ...
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Started Nov 9, 2018
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Music Missions

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Please join me in providing a Faith-based musical service that didn't exist throughout Kaitlyn's trauma. A service that can help in desperation when it's common for peopl...
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